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Open letter from Avrios VP Marketing

Author: Sara Alghisi

A message from our VP of Marketing.

These are worrying times. 
At Avrios, our team is truly International, we have people from nearly every country in Europe as well as the United States. Many of our team are working in Switzerland with friends and family in other countries. Like you, we are all directly affected by this.

As the VP of Marketing I didn’t initially want to talk about the Corona Virus as I thought it would be vulgar, and we are a Fleet Management company not a health company. However, this situation is affecting everybody on the planet and is front of mind for most people. As a marketer it currently defines the market we find ourselves in. To not acknowledge it would be sticking my head in the sand. 

So hopefully some people will find value in reading about the things we are doing now as a company and as a team:

  • Everyone is now working from home
  • We are having regular team video calls, including an all-hands video lunch (let’s see how watching people eat on video will pan out :-))
  • As a management team, we need to be keeping an eye on ourselves, each other and the team
  • Everyone will react differently, and people will go through different phases of positivity and being scared, we need to understand this will happen
  • Our customers are our lifeblood, the customer service team is at full capacity to answer customers questions. Managing fleet costs and remote working are top of our customers’ minds right now.
  • Although we believe we will weather this storm we have looked at our outgoing costs and cut back on non-essential spend. 
  • Be realistic about what is happening. It is, of course, a scary time. But try and remember the beautiful examples of the human spirit. Italians singing across the streets, the Spanish doing keep fit on their balconies, and people going shopping for the elderly and at risk.
  • Most important is our spirit, support each other and help each other through this. 

Look after yourself.

Richard Brooks and the Avrios team

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